Why, hello there and welcome to Demeter on Ice.

My mother named me Kristen Brianna in 1991 but my friends named me Demeter in 2011 and the name stuck.

No, I do not live or work in Antarctica… yet. As of the inauguration of this website I am still an “Antarctica hopeful” trying my best to find an opportunity to live and work on the harshest continent.

I left the US in May of 2017 to head to Antarctica! My first season was approximately 5 months and ended October 2017.

Where did I get this idea?

Those that have known me a long time know that seeing the Aurora Borealis in person has been on my bucket list since first reading Phillip Pullman’s His Dark Materials series in elementary school. In fall of 2015, due to some scientific-something, the Aurora was scheduled to be visible from my home state of Ohio. This was something that had not happened since I was too young to be awake late at night. I called up a few of my friends and we went and found a cornfield a few hours north (away from the Cincinnati light pollution) and waited. We drank some wine and sang karaoke and watched the meteor shower that happened to be occuring at the same time.

During the conversation, Erica mentioned the southern lights, the Aurora Australis, that is visible from Antarctica. She also mentioned that she was thinking about applying for jobs down there. We spent the rest of the night in the cornfield Googling “life in Antarctica” and were both sold on the idea. Side note: the Aurora Borealis never made an appearance that evening in our part of Ohio so I’ve yet to check this item off my bucket list.

Why Antarctica?

To those that ask me this question, I usually respond with “why not?” (and then they yell at me, “IT’S COLD!”). But in reality, my answer is much deeper than that.

What is the purpose of life except to create adventures and have an amazing story to tell? One day when I’m sitting around with my grandchildren and they are interviewing me for a school project I want to blow them away with the Adventures of Grandma (*future blog name ideas*).

I have a few adventures under my belt already, after all, I did move alone to Cork, Ireland from December 2012 to June 2013. As an American who’d never left the country, I lived in Ireland in an apartment with the daughter of an Irish millionaire, not one but TWO blind men, one beautiful seeing-eye dog, and a German who was just learning English. Talk about adventures…

I want the next chapter in my life’s tales to be Antarctica. In fact, I’d be fine with many years’ worth of chapters having the icy background that is the great white desert. Though, I’m sure once I hit Antarctica I’ll have to add “live in all 7 continents” to my bucket list.

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