Keeping It on Ice

Today this blog is going to start down a different direction.

Yes, as you know, I still want to head back to Antarctica. That’s still plan A. But in the meantime, I’d still like to keep this page active.

Luckily, my chosen domain name was no accident. Yes, “the ice” is a term used when referring to Antarctica, but it also has some other connotations.

We “put things on ice” when we want to delay something. In the most literal since this is to prevent rotting such as food. However, you can also put a person on ice when you don’t want to get back to them right away. You can put an idea on ice if you don’t want to explore it right away.

For me?

Continuing to be on ice means to be staying free of the mundane

This blog will continue it’s journey in all the ways I’m keeping the mundane on ice…. because only the Dursleys* want to be muggles.

Also, if you haven’t noticed yet, I currently have new posts coming out every few mornings. I have no idea if I’ll keep up that pace, but for now, it’s a thing.



*that’s a Harry Potter reference. If you had to read this footnote in order to understand that then I am deeply disappointed in you and you have a homework assignment….(post image source)

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